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Sidney Garber Il Serpente Bracelet: Out of the Garden of Eden

Talk about the temptation of Eve! Even if you can resist taking a bite out of the apple, this ruby-eyed bracelet is sure to stir your senses. The serpent has been a symbol of evil power since the days of ancient Greece and Egypt (not to mention one of fertility…now what does that say about the way women have been regarded?!), and clearly, with a price tag as astronomical as this, the symbolism stands today.

Why settle for one scary snake when you can have two? Sidney Garber’s Il Serpente bracelet is dangerously alluring. With rows and coils of 18-karat gold, this deeply dimensional piece has true life to it. And those red eyes! The creature on the left looks like he’s about to leap out and take a bite out of your arm. I adore a great piece of threatening jewelry, but I’ll just have to resist the urge and say “no” when the price is this ominous.
At Barneys New York for $35,275.



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