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Steribottle Ready-to-Use Disposable Baby Bottles: Stow and Throw

One of the biggest challenges when traveling with babies is dealing with bottle washing, especially if you’re staying in hotels – you need all the cleaning supplies, plus a drying rack, and frankly, it’s all annoying. Steribottle Ready-to-Use Disposable baby ottles may just save your sanity. Even if you’re just on a long day jaunt, they are much better than lugging around dirty bottles that start to smell! But since we do want to consider our precious planet, I don’t recommend using them all the time – however, for those certain situations when convenience must rule, these are life savers. I also do not recommend them for newborns as the nipple is somewhat fast-flowing, and newborns do tend to be finicky about their bottles (I only used Dr. Brown bottles to reduce gas). These disposable bottles are for bigger infants, 6 months and up, when they can be more flexible about how and what they drink out of.

Steribottles do not leak, they are BPA-free, the individually-sealed nipples stay sterile, and they are recyclable. Those are lots of pluses for those times when convenience trumps! On Amazon for $7.49 (from $10.99) for a pack of 10.

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