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Thomas Blakk The Box Squared Leather Clutch: Take the Edge On

It seems that bondage-inspired weaponry and it-bags are inextricably linked. I took issue with Christian Louboutin’s Artemis shoulder style, likely to puncture your throat whether you like it or not, and now Florence-based Thomas Blakk’s little rebel has caught my attention. He calls his designs, “technical, punk, and futuristic.” Check, check, and check. And cites Lady Gaga as a muse. Check, again.
Stereotypically chic and sophisticated it isn’t. Yes, it’s a bit St. Mark’s Place, circa 1995. And a bit “Hot Topic at the mall,” for that matter. But it’s all about scale, and the small size of this leather pouch saves it. Rubbery spikes are offset by patent trim and a mesh backing, for an intriguing mix of texture. Plus, I do like a clutch with a slide-through handle, for comfort and convenience. Stud-loving fans of Kate Lanphear are bound to jump all over this one. What do the rest of you think?
On Luisa via Roma for $546.



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  1. Haha, St. Marks Pl references are near and dear to my heart. I love high end goth but I do hate how it doesn’t trickle down like other designs do. Most designs get simplified when getting knocked off for the H&M mall level. But no, Hot Topic is the backwards land where simplicity is lost on the designers they buy. It would be this, plus some chains, a few LEDs, a picture of Invader Zim and a rainbow cupcake interior.