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Valentino Crystal & Leather Tote Bag: Flight of Fancy

Forget the rockstuds. Valentino has inevitably moved on up to crystal beads. To call this tote fanciful is an understatement. It’s completely over the top, and that’s why it works. Don’t be surprised if princess-loving tots ogle when you walk down the street with this one – this pale pink burst of whimsy (or opt for more subdued sand; either way, it’s all about the crystals) is something out of a young girl’s fantasy.

I love the idea of a practical – well, in size, at least – tote that promises to make you feel pretty, even if you’re having a disaster day. Graduated crystals exaggerate the sense of dreaminess yet keeps the look nuanced enough so you can take it out on normal occasions (as in, lunches and shopping). The super-ornate floral beading is almost cute in the way it’s executed. Cute in that runway-ready, fashion-fantasy Valentino sort of way, of course. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $2,995.

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