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Weekend Bag Dreamin': Hermes Medor Clutch in Alligator


No words necessary. I woke up and could not get this gorgeous blue alligator clutch out of my mind. It’s one of my ultimate dream bags. It’s good to have dreams, keeps you focused and harder working. I love the Hermes Medor clutch, but I wish they never discontinued size 29cm (only available now in 23cm). I have several of the 29cm and kicking myself for not buying more when they were 1. Readily available in any color and skin. 2. Much less expensive. I like bigger clutches because a girl needs her lip gloss, cell phone, and other necessities with her at all times, don’t you agree?

At Hermes, if you can find it.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Bag Dreamin': Hermes Medor Clutch in Alligator

  1. Man Snob Adam on said:

    Holy wow, that color, T.

  2. Is it possible to be in love with a clutch? Because I think that I am! This is gorgeous! I LOVE the color!

  3. Looking to purchase a 29cm medor clutch w palladium hardware
    Can u advise?

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