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Aqueduck Faucet Extender: Extends a Helping Hand

Is your tot too little to reach the running water coming out of the faucet? Even with a stool some sinks are too deep for tots to reach the running water, especially if faucets are placed way back. We’ve all done it, mostly when we’re out, we use our hands as a faucet extender to create a cascade of water that reaches the tiny hands. But at home, you probably don’t want to be running to the sink every time. I mean, the trick to parenting is to reduce the amount of any kind of running around, right? This faucet extender takes care of your problem so easily, you will feel silly you ever spent the time to waste your entire body just for the use of your hand as a flap. There is a rubber backing that will stretch to go over and fit most faucet nozzles. If you have a fancy waterfall effect faucet or some other non-traditional faucet, this will not work. But you can tell just by looking at this extender and corresponding photos. At Amazon for $11.19.



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