Ashley Pittman Horn Cuff and Necklace: The Year of the Bull


My horn fetish continues strong with Ashley Pittman chains. Priced way better than any other genuine horns and from a designer with conscience (10% of all profits are donated to fund schools and health centers in Kenya, where the jewels are made by local female artisans), you just can’t go wrong here. Ashley’s natural – and naturally beautiful – horn chains are hand-carved by a women’s cooperative, and also contain fair-trade gemstones, bronze and materials indigenous to East Africa.

These raw yet refined pieces don’t just make us feel closer to a faraway continent, they speak of adventures abroad. So lightweight and easy to pack, I love traveling with Ashley’s jewels. I’ll be bringing a couple new pieces on my next adventure. The Mbogo light horn cufficon ($445) is next on my to-buy list. The gleaming bronze bull is a stunning detail. I’ll be sure to mix, match, and alternate it, depending on my mood, with the dark Pembe chain necklaceicon ($795) Available at Neiman Marcus.

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