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Balenciaga Color-Block Ankle Boots:


I don’t like to admit the power of labels because usually it’s not really about the label. But I have to be candid: if these ankle boots weren’t Balenciaga, I probably would dismiss them right off the bat. Knowing they have come from the creative mind of Nicholas Ghesquiere and his cohorts gives them context. Because otherwise, I just might think they were downright ugly. Yes, the shape is cute and different (though likely unflattering), with a pointed toe and triangular heel, and the mustard, anthracite, and black combination is right-on for a girl who is offbeat. But somewhere between the ribbed trim and neoprene-like front, they remind me of Body Glove water shoes. I have to say I’m torn on this one. Not for me, but on the right woman…maybe. What’s your take: suited for a runway or a waterpark? On My Theresaicon for $1,375.

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One thought on “Balenciaga Color-Block Ankle Boots:”

  1. We all make mistakes, Balenciaga needs to own this and never do it again. You were right the first time, they are downright ugly.


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