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Balenciaga Pocket Tote M: The Order of the Day

Here you are: your perfect daily bag. There is simply nothing negative to say about Balenciaga’s pocket-front tote. Graphic and purely chic, it comes in an array of (mostly) neutral options – chocolate, auburn, tan, and most of exciting (and least neutral) of all, coral. A bold, black pocket punctuates and keeps lines clean, while just a touch of gold hardware exudes understated luxury without weighing things down.

While dazzling evening clutches are worth packing light for (like Oscar de la Renta’s Cara clutch), I don’t want to be tossing necessities out to make room in my bag during the day. The M easily accommodates a laptop, iPad, and everything else we need to get through from morning until our tote-to-clutch change for dinner. And if you don’t have time to go home, lucky for you, this tote is chic and sleek enough to ease into dark.

At Barneys New York for $1,345.



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  1. I’ve been searching for a bag similar to this, but I have no idea who the designer is. I’ve seen a few women around London carrying plain brown leather totes. They are slightly more structured than the pictured Balenciaga bag and slightly wider at the top than the bottom. If you know the bag, I’d be so grateful if you could point me in the right direction of acquiring one.