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Battle of the BB Creams: Free To B You

I have been blogging about and using BB creams for a couple of years now. They’ve been the secret of Asian women for years, but only this season are we seeing BB cream mania hit the US. And it’s hit hard! Doesn’t it seem to be everywhere now? Here are the best BB creams in the market, in different price ranges and consistencies:

1. Maybelline, $8.99:
This is the best frugal BB cream I’ve tried in the $9 range. It’s a bit watery, so expect the coverage to be sheer. And you need extra blending to get a smooth look, but it’s oil-free and packs SPF30. The verdict: this is great for younger beauty snobs or those with oily skin. At Drugstore.comicon.

2. Bobbi Brown, $42:
I first bought Bobbi’s cream two years ago at the airport in Taipei! (Yes, Bobbi was holding out on us Americans. The Asians had it first!). Creamy and easily applied (apply with fingers, then dab extra around eye area and cheek bones for an added glow), it gives you medium coverage, which is what I prefer during the day. It brings an amazing luminosity to the skin, and I love the fact that there are 5 different shades to choose from. This is the perfect blend of foundation, sunscreen, and wrinkle-fighting ingredients. At Bobbi Brown.

3. Le Métier de Beauté, $125:
Though not technically called a BB cream, it functions exactly like one. I’ve been using this for 2-3 years now. Offering light to medium coverage, I like to layer for heavier coverage. It contains retinoid for anti-aging benefits, as well as SPF18, and best of all, it feels utterly weightless on the skin. At Neiman Marcusicon.



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  1. I personally think the Maybelline BB cream is horrible! I have oily skin and I felt like I had an oil slick on all day it was really bad!!! I returned it and went back to my tried and true Aveeno. I want to try a BB but will probably go higher end next time.

  2. The BB creams that I have tried have been pretty heavy leaving much to be desired. The best one that I have found is actually Suntegrity’s 5 in one treatment with SPF 30. It comes in two colors; light and medium (I use the medium) and really does a great job of protecting the skin.
    Most BB creams are overrated, but there are the few exceptions. You really just have to find one that works well with your skin. Great info in you post 🙂

  3. Well over a year ago, I told everyone that BB creams would soon be everywhere and of course here they are, I personally think that for a drugstore brand The Garnier BB cream is quite large at well over 4oz. And us a great consistency (look for in skin care aisle not cosmetics) They also had their BB cream months before any other drugstore brand and nearly every department store brand in the US besides Smashbox, which is my personal high-end fav!! I think the aforementioned Maybelline cream us just okay, but besides agar ire is far better than others in that price range and while I love Bobbi Brown, O cannot use anything in her product line for the face; concealer, foundation, powder etc. bc her makeup us all very very yellow based and I do NOT have yellow/warm undertones in my skin, I have blue/cool undertones, although I do know that it has a nice consistency and coverage and is actually quite similar to the Garnier BB cream in that regards, well for 2013 onto the CC creams….I just hope they don’t keep going on from there 0, or if so at least name it something different 🙂 In a couple of gears I don’t want to be wearing “EE Creams”