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Beatrix New York Backpacks: Ready or Not….

I hate to even mention the word “backpack” so early in August (and I will avoid that dreaded phrase, “Back to…” for the sake of our tots), but, let’s face it, time is flying. And besides, I can’t let these adorable Beatrix New York backpacks slide by without notice! Designed for ages 2–5, they feature three of our tots’ favorite critters. The Baxter backpack boasts, duh, Baxter the brontosaurus in charming green and off-white.The next flaunts the most adorable banana-munching monkey named Dieter (the Business Monkey!). And lastly, Juju displays a sweet ladybug, sitting rather sheepishly. Made of nylon and laminated canvas, each comes with an inside zippered pocket and is the perfect size for our little tots. So, whether they’re used for you-know-what coming up soon, or just a summer play-date, they are too cute to miss out on. At Barneys New York for $45 each.



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