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Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser: One Step Ahead


This past week, I had to dash directly from a press conference (for our DL x Snob Essentials jeans collection) to the airport with a full face of makeup. Once I made it through security – and before embarking on a 12-hour flight – I HAD to get the makeup off. I needed something that wouldn’t make a mess and didn’t require a sink, warm water, towels, and so on. I marched to the makeup counter at the Duty Free shop (usually a dangerous detour!) and used Clarins’ Water Comfort One-Step cleanser.

Water-based and non-greasy, it functions like a toner. I soaked a cotton pad (well, several of them actually) and started working off the thick makeup: thick foundation, heavy eyeliner, lots of dark shadow, and as always, major mascara. The eye makeup glided off like a charm, while the foundation took a little more work, but I did have full-coverage product on. I used about 10 cotton pads-worth in all to make sure the last traces of makeup were off before I loaded my face up with major moisturizer (Lancôme Absolute L’Extrait).

Perfect if you have a normal amount of makeup on, this is great for times on the go when you’re without your entire bathroom’s arsenal, or when you’re super-tired and just need to quickly clean your whole face in one step. For those who travel to the gym with a giant bag, you can finally take your makeup off before working out so you can let your pores breath and sweat as well (it’s so gross to workout with makeup on!). At Nordstromicon for $32.50.



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