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Dorissiderm Bio-Cellulose Peptide Repair Mask: Peel and Polish

I have an arsenal of facemasks to rival those of most spas – from SKII to lesser-known Asian brands – and I have literally tried them all. I recently discovered one from Dr. Kendrick that is life-changing. (I don’t use that term lightly, having found only a handful of products worthy of it!) Instead of paper, the mask is made of a bio-cellulose compound produced by an FDA-approved fermentation process. This forms a mask that behaves like human skin. It allows our own skin to absorb its compound of multiple peptides more efficiently (just look below; when you peel the mask off, it’s like skin!)

The solution contains vegetable extracts and growth factors that left my skin brighter, tighter, and glowing (that’s an unfiltered and un-Photoshopped picture I took right after using the mask!). The instructions say to leave the mask on for 20-25 minutes, but I left it on for an hour (at this price, you should get all the mileage you can). Since the packet comes with a lot of surplus solution, massage it into your chest, neck and hands. Don’t allow a drop to go to waste!

Dr. Kendrick is a board-certified physician from the USA who has been practicing in the field of anti-aging medicine and laser-skin surgery for the last decade. I have trusted him with my skin for the past year and have never looked better (or younger!).

If you are in the LA area, schedule an appointment to see Dr. Kendrick ASAP 1-626-330-7575 (and ask him about my special needle puncture facial treatments!). All other snobs, order this mask at Dorissiderm for $62.40.



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