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Dr. Frank Lipman Wants to Help You Sleep and Beat Your Bloat

I went to Dr. Lipman’s office a few weeks ago when he was debuting his new vitamin kits, which aim to rid heartburn, indigestion, bloating, gas, and sleeplessness. Lipman said that he came out with these kits because for years he only saw these problems in older women (think 50-plus), but now more and more he’s finding that women in their 20s and 30s are experiencing these problems as well. I wasn’t surprised to learn that most women come to see Lipman for the aforementioned issues, but I was surprised that it seems to be a recent phenomenon. I feel like my whole life I’ve been surrounded by people my age suffering from these issues! In tandem with this, some of you may have noticed that NyQuil has just come out with a new product, ZzzQuil, because they found that so many people were using NyQuil not because they were sick, but because they couldn’t sleep. When did we become such a stressed out nation unable to properly sleep/digest our food!?? Unfortunately the issues that Lipman is looking to treat will take more than a few vitamins to cure and I love Lipman for acknowledging this. He doesn’t see his kits as a quick fix solution nor does he see his vitamin bundles as ones you should be on permanently, instead he wants those of us suffering from these issues to make lifestyle and dietary changes, while cleansing from the inside.

Tying into this many people, according to Lipman, have found that eliminating gluten and dairy from their diet has helped tremendously with digestive issues so he advises all of his patients to get off both when they start one of his vitamin regimens.

All of Lipman’s products are top quality and his website offers a wealth of knowledge so that you can take the appropriate measure to treat whatever ailment is plaguing you (i.e. he explains what you should be doing/eating and why). Check-out his blog for all kinds of fantastic health-related information and check-out his new and existing products here.


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