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Fendi Boxcalf and Felt Laceless Oxfords: Color Me Excited


Here it is: your oxy-moron of boyish loafers. It looks like this laceless oxford is destined to be Fendi’s ultimate fall shoe, and I can’t think of a better style to propel them to the forefront of power dressing (at least, when it comes to your feet). A modest black shoe? I don’t think so!

From the front it’s strictly business – spectator wings, polished leather, and modest felt – then your eye can’t help but be drawn to the party in the back (the mullet of oxfords, if you will?). A kaleidoscope of bright, juicy-fruit perks up everything, stat. Vivid, stacked, and just wild enough to keep your mouth watering, the heels are where it’s at this season. On My Theresaicon for $875.

Pair with: Pick up on that splash of turquoise with Pamela Love’s Empire Reflection cuff, to introduce a hint of earthiness to your city-wise shoes. Gold-tone bronze and topped with stones, it hints to an Aztec influence. On Net-a-Porter for $299.



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  1. I never like the front of an oxford that does not actually have the laces….looks like there should be laces. It just looks sloppy to me….even here on this Fendi shoe that should be beautiful.