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Fleet Ilya Cage and Triangle Piece Bags: Rattle Your Cage

Sex and bondage are more intertwined than ever at the moment (thanks to a little book you just may have heard of called Fifty Shades of Grey), but the sexiest kind of bondage doesn’t spell it all out, a la E.L. James. Instead, the most effective form leaves a lot to your imagination.

Like these bags by Fleet Ilya. They only suggest at a “tie me up, tie me down” fantasy, and while they look like pure fashion, they are totally functional. The seductive straps on both the Cage ($939.58) and Triangle Piece ($1,071.56) bags are just that: cages that cover the foundation, which is, surprisingly, a simple, convenient pouch. Such a design proves the details are everything. No need to create dysfunction for the sake of adding some unexpected spice! The best part of these red-hot, day-to-night numbers: if you aren’t feeling so steamy, the outer cage on both these styles are removable, and you can go right back to basics. Available on LN-CC.



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