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Jacquie Aiche 14-Karat Large Filigree Body Chain: Rock Your Body

There are body chains, the ones that look like they were bought at Claire’s Accessories in the mall and worn on MTV’s Spring Break stage in 1996, and then there are body chains. As in, the high-end, regal stuff that we saw on Rihanna while she frolicked and lounged aboard her Mediterranean yacht the entire month of July. (And, yes, if you’re thinking, “Jealous much?” I most certainly am!). However, jealous is not a pretty color on anyone, so instead I’ll just invest in Rihanna’s 14-karat, white-diamond filigree piece of body jewelry. She’s a big fan of jeweler Jacquie Aiche’s work for some time, and now I too am an admirer of her delicate yet undeniable racy aesthetic. Dangling seductively around your neck and your waist, meeting in the middle with a subdued cluster of sparkle. I don’t think I’ll be sporting mine with an itsy-bitsy bikini, but rather a low-cut evening dress for an element of mystery. At Jacquie Aiche for $2,315.



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