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Lullubee Craft Projects Kits: Do-It-(Mostly)-Yourself

Do you have the creative spirit in you to make crafts, but not the energy to gather all the materials you need to fulfill it? I always have the best intentions when I walk into Michael’s, but as soon as I get inside, I am overwhelmed by the choices. I end up running around from section to section, taking forever to find each item. I just don’t have the patience. And of course, the worst part is forgetting something. Then your craft project gets shelved and starts growing cobwebs because once you lose that initial enthusiasm, it’s hard to get it back. Lullubee is designed for people like me. It takes all the busy work out of craft projects and leaves no room for error. It just enables you to do the fun part: making the craft.

Each kit comes with all the things you need, except for the simple tools we all have at home – and they clearly specify what is required (such as scissors, pliers, etc.). But the kits are not cheap. I thought about doing either the Fairy Hairband or the Dinosaur Puppets kit for a kid’s birthday party, but the headband is $29.99 each and the dinosaur puppets are $19.99 (there are 5 to this kit, so you can possibly do this one for birthdays). They are, however, great for at home projects with your tots. The quality is nice, not like those throwaway foam crafts you buy for $1. These are things you can truly treasure as special keepsakes to remember quality time spent with your children.



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