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Lush Emotional Brilliance

It’s no secret that makeup is a mood enhancer. I couldn’t begin to count the number of times I felt down because I had a blemish that wouldn’t go away fast enough, or felt like I gained a few pounds, or accidentally yanked out a big chunk of hair, and the list goes on and on….but usually in those situations if, instead of sulking around and feeling sorry for myself, I put things in perspective, swipe on a little mascara, dab on a little gloss, and go out, I feel instantly better. Now Lush is going off of that emotional connection and taking things one step further with their new Emotional Brilliance range.

Consisting of lip colors, eyeliners and eyeshadows, each color has a corresponding word such as Confident, Take Control, or Glamorous associated with it and the idea is that the color you gravitate towards is reflective of your need at that particular time. Sure it’s kind of gimmicky, but there’s no denying that we have an emotional connection with our makeup and this is a fun way to reflect it. Plus it isn’t all fluff, the 30-piece range was devised with the help of a strategic behavioral therapist. The collection includes: a mascara, a translucent powder,  two skin tints, a pink-tinged illuminator, a liquid bronzer, 13 liquid lipsticks, six cream eyeshadows, and 11 liquid eyeliners.

Like everything else in the Lush line, the products are vegan and eco-friendly (they used recyclable glass bottles).

Each eye and lip product retails for $22.95 here.


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