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Maiyet Natural Horn and 18-Karat Gold-Plated Necklace: Take the Jewel by the Horns

Polished horn and geometric gold (actually, it’s gold-plated but who’s checking?) make for an incredibly chic chain-link necklace. Oversized chains tend to look clunky – and possibly reminiscent of Mr. T – when they come in the form of metal, but soft, smooth, graduated horn mixed with gold? Tres bien! After the last few seasons of chunky (read heavy) jewelry, I’m eager and ready for the lightness of horn.

Maiyet’s chain is very expensive, so you’d think they would use real gold but you’re paying for the expensive natural horn and the design, so stay with me here. Actually, it’s very similar to Hermès and priced only slightly lower – but more geometric and youthful, and that’s what I’m after at the moment.

Available for pre-order on Luisa Via Roma for $1,894 (expect arrival by September 15th).

Pair with: Switch up the shapes on your wrist and add the look of solid gold. Curved and bent lines, also by Maiyet, will be a cool complement. This is a pricy pair, but you’ll look equally rich in style. Also available for pre-order on Luisa Via Roma, for $1,770.



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