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NARSskin Leads Us Into the Light:

Who knew François Nars thinks skincare is likely more important than makeup? (It’s the truth.) “Light plays a huge role in how healthy skin can look,” he told WWD. “Skin should reflect the light and makeup should catch it.”

Agreed! I attended the opening of the largest Miu Miu boutique in Asia last night, and the makeup artist (one of the most well-known Chinese makeup artists) used NARS products on me. The glow he created was gorgeous, if I do say so myself! That’s why it’s very exciting that Nars is transitioning his mastery at luminous skin into all-out skincare. The 10-product collection, including two cleansers, a refining exfoliator, mask, brightener, and eye creams, has both anti-aging and illuminating properties that help your face look its best.

A tip: use the Optimal Brightening Concentrate after your foundation, dab on with sponge on cheekbones for a natural glow

The full collection will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue stores on August 1, and everywhere else on August 15.



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