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nuNaat Brazilian Keratin: This Keratin’s A Keeper

After two months, my (very expensive) Keratin treatment is looking almost non-existent. I loved it so much when I first got it, but now my hair is the same as it ever was, so don’t believe the hype! But that sleekness is addictive. Fortunately, a few bottles of the right hair products will give you the same shine and smoothness. I’ve tried several Keratin-based brands and I have to say, nuNaat‘s Brazilian keratin line is one of the best. I use their Daily Care shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner (or as they call it, Liquid Keratin Reconstructor), as well as the Ultra-Shine Serum, a hair gloss treatment, before using my curling iron.

On the first day, my hair is left incredibly smooth but almost too soft, so I leave it straight. I like it best after a day or two: easy to style and tousled yet still has shine. You’d think this cornucopia of products would weigh down my hair but surprisingly, it doesn’t. The keratin molecules are smaller than most hair-conditioning ingredients, so they’re absorbed in the hair shaft more easily. Trust me: don’t waste your time on the fickle Keratin treatment. Just get yourself this set!

(nuNaat also has an at-home Brazilian keratin treatment that is said to last month. I have yet to try it but will review next month!)



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  1. I LOVED my keratin treatment, but yes it didn’t last as long as I would have liked. I tried nuNaat‘s Brazilian keratin products and they are really good. I’ll be using the exclusively from now on.