Nurseryworks Vetro Crib: Clear the Way!

This is clearly not your average crib. Forget painted-white wood. Nurseryworks’ Vetro crib exudes a clean (extremely clean) modern feel that is low-maintenance and better yet, gives full view of your baby. It’s basically like a big, sophisticated fish bowl, so you can sit and just enjoy your cutest creation (at least, once they’ve finally fallen asleep). Crisp and clear as can be, this goes with any and all sorts of decor, from mutually modern to contrastingly old-world. Actually, it’s very chic mixed with traditional wood pieces, for a cleverly eclectic motif. Even on sale, I guess high-brow and high-priced piece is too avant-garde for most parents, but it’s certainly fit for a snob and her tot. At Art Bebé for $2,800 (from $3,500).

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