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Own Lifting Eye Cream: In Pursuit of a Boost

A summer of constant jet lag and even more travel (now to Martha’s Vineyard) have left my eyes looking a little…sallow. Even haggard, if you will. Whatever I call them, it’s not good. I need an eye cream that breathes new life into them, stat. Unfortunately, it looks like Own’s Lifting eye cream isn’t the potion for the job.

While it does claim to brighten and renew tired-looking eyes (and my dark shadows are sadly as severe as they were several days ago when I started generously applying this stuff), it doesn’t specify when. So maybe I’m just being impatient. Either way, I’m not seeing that “rested and alert appearance” they are talking about. But it is also designed to fight the signs aging, using a CLA compound (which is derived from the safflower plant) to help with moisture retention, activate cell renewal, and boost collagen. So chances are, it can’t hurt. For now, I’ll just keep slathering on the concealer. On Amazon for $24.



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