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Ritz Hazan Root Concealer

Ritz Hazan Root Concealer ($24) is a lifesaver if you’re in between highlight appointments. Around the three month mark I’ll often find myself applying powder foundation or dry shampoo formulated for blondes to cover up my roots as I wait for my next highlight appointment. This spray (four years in the making!), offers an equally quick, but way more effective solution. It’s available in five shades: Blonde, Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Red and Dark Brown/Black (I wish they had an ashy blonde, but the blonde was still way better than my tactics before and this offers really good coverage…).

Like the powders I was using before, this spray is temporary so no worries if you spray too much (it’s water/sweat resistant, but comes off easily when you wash your hair). It’s lightweight and only takes a few seconds to cover up and because the nozzle is so slender it’s pretty easy to target the color accurately despite it being a spray. The only downside to this product is that you’ll probably go through the bottle very quickly because it’s just 1oz!


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