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Sephora by OPI Matte Top Coat: Welcome Matte

Usually when I get a manicure, I want my nails to come out as shiny as possible because it tends to look more lush. But when it comes to beauty, I’m never fully committed to just one look. Variety is the spice of life, nails included. What goes up must go down, and what is shiny ought to go flat every now and again. Bored with your nail color and feel like you’ve been through every one under the sun? Opt for a matte-ifying top coat, like this one by Sephora by OPI, to switch up your glossy nails. A anti-gleam manicure is edgy and surprising, especially while you’re still embracing summer’s hot neons and juicy brights (matte gray polish can look downright depressing). Plus, this top coat does your polish right by preventing chippage. At Sephorafor $9.50.



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