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Shopping Find: The Detox Market

I’m completely obsessed with The Detox Market. I’m not even sure how exactly I stumbled upon this website, but they’ve got a killer selection of beauty products, including a number of under-the-radar brands. They specialize in non-toxic, natural brands and they have a store in Venice, California…how I missed it when I was on Abbot Kinney Blvd. on a recent L.A. trip is beyond me, but I’m certainly bummed I didn’t know about the store back then! They stock a bunch of my favorite beauty brands (and even one of my favorite tea brands, Kusmi), but why I think the site is so great is they’ve got a bunch of brands I was unfamiliar with and have become a big fan of including Vapour and RMS Beauty. I have yet to go wrong with anything that I have ordered from them. Plus, the site is super easy to shop and next to each brand the owners list out the reasons why they opted to stock that specific brand’s products. Nothing is haphazard at The Detox Market and it’s clear that the founders are very actively involved and put a lot of thought into everything they carry.

If you happen to be in the L.A. area you should try and stop by the store! From all the pictures I’ve seen it looks great…if you do, please comment below!


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