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The Best New Fall Palettes: Smoke Alarm

The beauty forecast for Fall 2012: it’s going to be a smoky, smoky season. Whether you prefer greys over purples, or deep olive hues, smoke it boldly, smudge to your heart’s content, and let your eyes simmer. Here are my picks for the best of the season:

1. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Collection:
Gray is the most flattering eye-shadow color on almost everyone (it’s less severe than black but has the same effect). I love mixing shades of grey with silver and black but have never found a gray palette that had hues I like, so I end up with a half-dozen mix-and-match shadow pans. Goodbye to all that! Bobbi’s shades of gray are as racy as they sound. Her Come Hither palette has done all the work for me: a sheer wash of grays for days, with metallics for nights you want to shimmer.

Plus, her awesome gel liner to boot, complete with precision-perfect mini-brush, AND purse-sized Glamour Extreme lengthening mascara maks this set one of the bests of the season.
At Bobbi Brown for $65.

2. Chantecaille L’Elephant Palette:
Chantecaille’s L’Elephant palette had me at the name. Elephants are my favorite animal (I spent a week in Thailand having breakfast daily with a baby elephant named Lucky!), and they are said to bring luck to anyone who wears them. That includes your lids. The jungle-inspired shades mirror the jeweled earth-tones of Kenya and will enhance your fading summer tan.

Available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus for $82 (expected to ship by September 7th).

3. Urban Decay Smoked Eye Shadow Palette:
Urban Decay offers a sultry palette for the bold and the beautiful. I love doing a smoky eye with an unexpected color, like a deep forest green. With an array of colors, though none too crazy to use, this kit also comes with black eyeliner, which I suggest you use liberally. Eyelid primer is an added bonus – a must for me lately as the heat is causing my eye makeup to smudge (and not in a cute way).
At Sephora for $49.

4. NARS New Wave Eye Shadow Palette:
I hate showing my age but if you call anything “New Wave,” I will most likely buy it (a product of my ‘80s-teenager years). The minute I saw this retro-approved collection, my heart skipped a beat. There are actual photos out there of me in crazy layers of shadow not unlike the bright blue, electric chartreuse, and vibrant purple in this palette (yes, all at the same time; I was Girl George). This is clearly not for the timid. Proceed with glee and have fun with it!
At Nordstrom for $55.



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  1. Ohhh…I love how you collected all the must have smokey eye makeup palettes….It’s definitely an inspiration for my next beauty product shopping spree….my favorite is the Bobbi Brown palette….