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Top 5 Chinoiserie-Inspired Bags: One Republic

All aboard the Orient Express! The old-world opulence of the people’s republic is set to take center stage, and how can it be missed? From royal crests to dragons and tassels to over-the-top embroidery, this style of art will not be ignored. Jason Wu approached the theme whole-heartedly for Fall, and it goes to show: chinoiserie somehow feels more modern than ever.

1. Jason Wu Daphne Embroidered Satin and Metal Box Clutch: With a collection inspired by the Qing dynasty, Wu creates a fire-breathing box clutch fit for a princess.
On Net-a-Porter for $1,675.

2. Jason Wu Chinoiserie Embroidered & Beaded Box Clutch: Intricate gold embroidery and jade beads speak of exotic gardens, while the flipside offers magnetized lace.
At Neiman Marcus for $1,805.

3. Lanvin Jeweled Satin Clutch: A subtler take on the motif makes for a versatile evening bag with a regal air. The scrollwork-inspired embellishments reflect the influence of traditional Asian ornamentation.
Available for pre-order at Bergdorf Goodman for $1,995 (expect delivery by September 4th).

4. Alexander McQueen Embroidered Unicorn & Skull-Clasp Clutch: No, there’s nothing inherently Chinese about unicorns and foliage! But the overt opulence of the clasp and wildness of the embroidery make this a chinoiserie-worthy pick.
At Neiman Marcus for $2,455.

5. Jason Wu Ming Embroidered Hobo Bag: Wu wins us over again with a hobo that boldly announces the trend. This may end up feeling more frivolous than investment-worthy, but if you’re going to do, you may as well go all out!
At Neiman Marcus for $1,770.



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