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Tracy Anderson Wellness Giveaway!

This summer Tracy Anderson hosted a series of Detox Weeks in the Hamptons and at the end each participant was given a massive bag filled with some of the celebrity trainer’s favorite products. Now, thanks to Anderson and Neuro, we’re giving one of our readers the special gift bag!

None of the items included in the bag are things that Anderson has been paid to endorse, she says that they’re truly all things she loves. Highlights include products from I Love my Muff, Mama Mio, Kusmi, RGB, Amour Beauty, Go Raw, One Lucky Duck, and Kings of Cole. Click here to see the complete list of items included in the giveaway.

To enter simply follow Beauty Snob and Tracy Anderson on Twitter and leave a comment below telling us why you’d like to win Anderson’s wellness bag.

A winner will be chosen this Friday, August 24. U.S. residents only please.


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  1. I’d love to get this bag! I have revamped my health habits (or should I say, I acquired some health habits) and it’s been a few months, and I’m going strong – but this would be such a good boost in the right direction! Everyone needs the occasional boost!

  2. Oh wow, I want this because looking at the list of products I already know that I would love every single one of them. Most of the things I’ve never tried. Some of them I’ve read about and been wanting to try them. Some of them I already use. I so wanna win this giveaway πŸ˜‰

  3. Tracy Anderson is truly an inspiration. I feel I can relate to her since she has found a way to transform any shape and size to a lean, long and fit body. I have bought one of her dance DVDs and love it. I would love to try some products that she considers good ones since I value her opinion. I think she knows her stuff!

  4. Tracy Anderson’s bag is packed with the goods to make skin glow and shine relief on which products work for making you look better than fine. It’s like having a spa come to your door. Her website at is packed with information with 30 Day Method book + DVD, and on her blog is a unique skintone menu and skintone products she recommends.

  5. I would love to win this set! I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and am dealing with some joint problems so I am really trying to get healthy and get my life on track! This looks like a wonderful giveaway! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  6. i’d like to win because I’m especially dying to have the packit and pomade from PRODUCT for my curls!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (Dot) com

  7. I have tried some of these products and would love to try the others as I’m working towards shifting all of my products over to those that are healthy and safe!

  8. I really need your help! I am my pregnancy weight, only I am not pregnant! It is so depressing I cry everyday when I work out… maybe it is my body sweat telling me I have never worked this hard before…

  9. I have been a TAM user for 14 months. I would love to have more tracy products – but can’t afford to buy anymore right now. I am a believer in tracy and her method and products – she changed my life!

  10. I’ve just started Stacey’s Method I need a lot of motivation I thoguht that I’m in a better shape. I would love to win this bag so I can focus on my health

  11. Hoping to win so I can continue my clean eating and healthy lifestyle transformation. Tired of yo-yo diets and having a range of 6 clothing sizes in my wardrobe. Ready to be healthy and fit for life – thanks Tracy!

  12. after punishing ourselves (gleefully!) with our rewardingly difficult workouts, a treat makes it a “lifestyle” instead of just a “habit”. Keep up the inspiration, Tracy!

  13. Tracy knows what she’s doing and has great taste. I’ve tried a few of her recommendations and they’ve been great. Plus, I pass on the tips and tricks I learn from her to my own students!

  14. I would LOVE to win this. I’ve been doing Tracy A method now for 5 years. I follow advice and read her books. Would love more recommended products! Plus a super sweet gift for getting back in shape after my 3rd child πŸ™‚

  15. Luv, luv, luv. Tracy does it again by inspiring us to renew ourselves in new and unique ways. These products are just one way we can continue to better ourselves.

  16. I have used the Tracy Anderson metamorphis and it is truly amazing. Tracy understands what people really need for the body in a healthy way and she is inspirational. I couldn’t afford to do the detox week with Tracy and would love having these products to continue my life in a healthy manner.

  17. Need this wellness bag. I work hard to take care of my 3 children by myself. I’ve been nurturing and raising them for the past 12 years since becoming a widow. I’d love to be able to pamper myself. Smooches

  18. After the third baby I hit a wall with my fitness/weight loss. I feel this wellness bag would jump start me again!

  19. Expecting a baby in early oct and this would be the perfect detox kit (after the baby arrives) to make me feel like me again!

  20. Why wouldn’t someone want to win this bag?!? It is full of some seriously amazing stuff, and I would love to try out anything that Tracy recommends!! πŸ™‚

  21. I would love to win because I have just started working out with your DVDs and have lost 5 pounds. A bag would be the perfect reward for the work accomplished and encouragement to keep going!

  22. Ahhh! I’d absolutely love to win this. I just had a baby and I’m dying to get myself back into my skinny jeans and need a kick-start! Fingers crossed. xoxo

  23. Just diagnosed with celiac and lyme disease; then had a death of a child. Trying desperately to find a program that can help me get strong and help with joint pain

  24. I followed you both on Twitter (Christy1225) I would love to win Tracy’s wellness bag because 1) I’m a major Tracy fan & she’s my idol!!! 2) Her workouts are the only ones that work for me where I see results. I’ve been a loyal TAM addict for years! 3) I follow a Holistic & Clean lifestyle and would love to try out all of these amazing products!!!!

  25. I love TAM and have been doing the method for 2+ years. It has given me a new body. I have never had a bad recommendation from Tracy Anderson and would love to have the gift bag!

  26. I would love to win to do a whole renewal! I have friends and through your methods and inspiration their lives have been changed forever! I would love to have that and experience the Tracy Anderskn Method! Thank you for all you do! I don’t have twitter but follow all your posts on the book!!!

  27. I have been practicing Tracy’s method for 4 years at home and will do nothing else. It has helped me finally look the way I have always wanted. I know using her products in this kit would be the icing on the cake. Using products she uses daily. Since I couldn’t afford detox week this year this would be great.

  28. I just started the Tracy Anderson DVDs, and need a little motivation to jump start my new healthy & active lifestyle. This gift bag is just what the doctor ordered!

  29. I would love to win this bag I have been following The Tracy Anderson Method for about 5 years and am getting ready to start nursing school and I am a stay at home mother of 2 girls this would be a great bag to keep my healthy eating habits on track…ps what a cute lunch bag to bring my lunch in to school!!!

  30. I love Tracy! Her workouts are the only ones that work for me! With everything else I always bulked up…not cute on my little 5’2″ frame. I love the idea of trying out some of the stuff that Tracy loves, too!!!

  31. As a newbie into the fitness industry Tracy is someone to admire and also follow as a role model. I’ve been working on building my own business this year and she is truly an inspiration. She had guts and heart to do her thing and make her dreams a reality … so here I go! Not looking back; only pushing forward. And to win this bag wouldn’t only be a treat (because hey, who wouldn’t want to win awesome FREE stuff, right?!), but also because I would get a first-hand experience into what Tracy PERSONALLY recommends, which can not only potentially help me, but also any friend, family and customer I come across πŸ™‚ The Bonus: I never win anything, so that would definitely be a highlight! Ha!

  32. I would love to win! So many great products to try! I turn 40 next year so I am working on getting myself healthy and fit. I have the Metamorphosis workout! I love it. I told all my friends about it. I lost 15 lbs so far and would like to lose another 15. Thank you:)

  33. I would love to try these products, I’m a struggling dancer who also works a FT day job and can’t afford to try new products since I’m always paying for training – definitely could use a beauty refresh/upgrade – thanks:)!!

  34. Pick me! The kids are finally back in school and now it’s time for “me”! It’s time for me to kick start my routine again, now that I have more time to concentrate on myself. With exercise and self wellness, I can be a better mom and wife. I would love all these products to be delivered to me, so I can have my own spa experience at home. Love Tracy and all her beauty picks πŸ™‚

  35. Yay! I was hoping there would be another opportunity to win this bag!

    A former dancer, somehow (post college) I got away from making my physical health & wellbeing a priority. My husband and I are ready to start a family, and I realized that if I don’t start taking care of my health now, it’s only going to be more difficult as a mom. I want to be strong, flexible, and full of energy to keep up with my little ones… plus, I know that if I don’t model great habits, no matter what I say, my kids will never pick them up! So, I’ve recommitted to my health, but also to taking care of myself as a women, allowing myself to feel beautiful!

    I am so excited about all of the products in this bag. They will support & reinforce my new health-conscious habits, and will also let me celebrate myself as a women (and future mom!) Bring on the hard work (and the self-care!) and then… bring on the babies!

    Was already following Tracy Anderson, and am now following Beauty Snob, too! (@alayamorning)


  36. I’d love to win because I’m a devoted Tracy fan & self proclaimed product junkie. I’d use every product here. I’m most excited about the Caldrea sport wash!

  37. For sharing and educating ~ thank-you!
    You are fortunate to be pursuing your passion.
    Your product selection is selectively chosen and I’d be lucky to experience it.

  38. I’ve been a steroids for medical reasons for the last 3 years and this would so help me get my body back to health and shape!

  39. I have been following Tracy Anderson since the young age of 16. I have her book and Meta, totally addicted. She is so inspirational and has wonderful taste. There is no way I could afford to try everything in this wonderful bag on my own out of pocket. Right now, I actually have “Living Raw Food” by Sarma Melngailis (One Lucky Duck) next to me that I have checked out of my local library multiple times. Go Raw is amazing (I keep a bar in my purse in case of emergencies) and Kings of Cole look like the most heavenly stylish clothing ever (I would cry out of happiness if I had some). I follow most of the brands on twitter and lust over the fabulous products. It would mean so much to be able to try them all!

  40. Well for starters, I never win anything! I see health and wellness as something that needs to be democratized. The 6 miles I run daily provide me with a peace of mind that I know I would be unable to obtain any other way! You, Tracy, have done a fabulous job at inspiring and supporting women in their quest to find their subjective peace of mind. Looking fabulous is just an extra perk to being at peace with yourself and comfortable in your own skin! Your consideration is GREATLY appreciated!

  41. I would love to win this beauty package. I have such a hard time finding good products and can’t afford to try a million different kinds until I find what works. It would be amazing to get this package and know the products are amazing.

  42. I love Tracy Anderson workouts so much that I’ve been doing the ams and abs segment with a fractured patella. I can not wait for the day when I can finish the workout with legs. It’s been 2 weeks so far with down time, and I have another 2-3 to go. Not being able to workout has been tough:,although, I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. It would make so happy to try all of the products that Tracy loves to use. It would truly Brighten my day!

  43. I have always been a fitness fanatic. Three years ago, I started getting lower back pain. Today, I have degenerated disk disease; a condition where my L-5 disk is compromised and causing me extreme pain. There is no treatment/cure and I rely on pain meds to function. I decided last year, when I lost my Mother to Alzheimer’s, that I was going to be strong and fight through this. I have gained almost 40 lbs. and am so depressed and hopeless. I love Tracy. I watch her all the time. Being on disability, financially, I can’t afford a trainer and I know I need someone to motivate me and help me get back the body- and confidence- I once had.
    Winning something like this would be amazing!

  44. I did Tracy workout as preparation for my wedding in September and i loved it.
    i wanted to go to her boot camp so badly but due tp the distance it was not possible – this time..
    In Europe it is quite hard to get her i would love to win this wonderful wellness bag..

  45. i have been doing tracy’s workouts since 2009 and i love how my body was reshaped. in february i found out i was pregnant with my fourth and in june found out it wasn’t just our fourth but fourth and fifth! boy/girl twins. i am now almost 31wks pregnant and would love to win this – what mom doesn’t want to feel and look her best!

  46. I’d like to win because I’m in dire need of some new, fun products! I’ve been trying hard to take care of myself after having my son 15 months ago and could use the inspiration of some fun, new goodies! Thank you!

  47. I Would love To Receive this because I just had a baby and am trying to find new ways to shed the last 15 lbsof baby weight!!!:)

  48. I am having my second daughter in t minus 3 weeks and I’m gearing my mind and body up for Tracy’s post preggers workout and this beauty loot would be the best push gift ever and help keep me motivated:)

  49. I have been wanting to try so many of these products in the goodie bag but I can’t afford to buy all of them! Lol really hope I actually get picked for once in my life! Haha.

  50. I would love to win this bag too!! I’m on a journey of self discovery. I just cleaned everything out of my life and am starting with a blank slate, and it’s scary! Now I’m slowly putting the pieces back together but the hardest part of my journey is getting healthy again. I have Tracy’s bootcamp and will be starting that after my own detox.

  51. I’ve been doing the Tracy Anderson method for a year now and can honestly say that nothing has worked but this has! I truly believe in Tracy’s method and think she’s amazing! I would love to try anything that Tracy has endorsed.

  52. I’d like to win this basket to take my overall wellness to the next level. Tracy is the only trainer that’s been able to coach me into shedding inches. I look at photos of even just my face prior to the method and there is a visible difference to my overall leanness. Those who call Tracy a miracle worker speak the truth!

  53. Hello! I would love to win Tracy’s Wellness bag because, I am trying to save money so I can get some of the things from the bag anyways! I have been dealing with some major health issues the past couple of years that have had me in & out of the hospital and completely put everything on hold in my life. I am still continuing with the method and am finishing up my 1st year with Tracy and then starting continuity 2.1! I am deeply inspired by Tracy and most of the days that is all I can accomplish. She has helped get me through the hardest time in my life. I am so grateful for her commitment to brining the method to her at home clients! I would love to win the Wellness bag and get to see and try all the fun things Tracy uses and that help support the workout. There are so many awesome products that I would love to try!

  54. There are (at least) three reason I hope to win the wellness bag!

    1. I just ordered my first Tracy DVD, and it would be the perfect compliment to my new Tracy regimen!
    2. Trying out some new health and beauty products would be such a treat!
    3. The Packit! I run all over the city for client meetings, and would love to have a Packit for healthy snacking so I’m not making desperate hungry snack purchases.

    Best to all!

  55. I am a fledgling business owner, and TAM has been a huge part of my personal transformation. Still, I am struggling financially since everything goes back into the business, so I would love to win the chance to try these new products!

  56. I’d love this bag because I’m expecting my first baby on October 1st and can’t wait to get my body back to pre-baby shape. This bag would be a good motivator! P.S. Can’t wait for Tracy’s pregnancy DVDs to come out so I can use them during my next pregnancy!

  57. I would love to win this bag to help me get back on track with my healthy eating and workout routine. I had a medical setback and am excited to be back into the swing of things and this would help me so much. =)

  58. Hi there, I am hoping to win the gift bag because I would love to get to see what is inside! Plus I need motivation to keep going with my workouts!!

  59. I would love to get the opportunity to try these products out. Tracy had been an inspiration as a 22 year old being overweight and having Tracy as motivation has been great. Winning the Bag would be an amazing motivation to keep going in the right healthily direction.

  60. I’d love to win it because I love all the brands and products that Tracy has recommended that I have used, so this bag sounds like paradise if paradise was a bag πŸ™‚

  61. Though I always make time for my workout, I never have the money to pamper myself. I saved up for three months to afford Tracy’s Metamorphosis program, and could really use the motivational boost this bag would give me! I always dream of buying ANY of the products that Tracy suggests, but know they are far out of my monetary reach. Winning this would be a dream come true!

  62. Oh-em-gee, would I love to win this bag! Was already following Tracy, and just added Beauty Snob to my twitter feed!

  63. I’ve fallen off the wellness wagon and this goodie bag is enough inspiration to get back on! After months of getting “wedding ready”, I’ve become lazy with my beauty regimen and fitness post knotting.I help me hop on board!

  64. How awesome would it be to win all these great items in the bag?? Love Tracy and her method…recently started it and I love it! Crossing my fingers that I get picked πŸ™‚

  65. I would love to win! I respect Tracy’s opinion and after she kicks my butt daily through Metamorphsis I feel I need a bit of pampering : )

  66. Tracy has changed my body. From someone who can’t wear sleeveless to loving my arms!! My legs have never looked better. Jurist got the trampoline and working that into my weekly routine. Please please please!!!!!

  67. Is there anything better than using great products after cleaning up from a great Tracy workout?! Sure, but that’s pretty great!!

  68. I would love to win because I have been devoted to the Method the past two years and it is my birthday this week, what a great gift this would be!

  69. How I came across Tracy Anderson was so out of the blue. I was on vacation in Palm Springs with my family and relatives and my Aunt wanted to workout so she put on the Tracy Anderson Mat Routine. We did it and I was dying the whole entire time, but I was still so excited because I have been a dancer for 13 years now and to find Tracy Anderson who incorporates dance into her workout it was like a dream come true. After that I was hooked and started the Metamorphosis practice which I loveeee.

    Seeing that she and beauty snob are giving away this UH-MAZING wellness bag I thought I would give it a try and win it. I trust Tracy Anderson with every part of my being when it comes to my body so I trust that this wellness bag is nothing but the best! Love it.

  70. Oh Tracy it’s been a tremendous journey with my daughter nearly losing her life and her leg. I love your whole approach to fitness. You are like a dear, encouraging friend and you deliver on your promises so I have placed my entire trust in you. The products you recommend are not only safe for us to use but also really work. You are committed to the overall well being of women everywhere from all areas of life and for that I thank you. I would love to be able to experience the products from the detox weeks as it would be a truly wonderful gift after a tough year! thanks Tracy!

  71. I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and was just offered a new job. I would love this giveaway to show off the new me, after using TAM to get rid of the baby weight. What a way to feel like the strong willed we women are by feeling like a whole new me just by a few products! I love this stuff!

  72. Hi T, I would love to win because I am fighting an uphill battle with menopause and need your energy and help for some of You to “rub off” on me. I already love your playlist and this would be a literal “kick” in the pants, in a good way! thanks Tracie! Love Darlene

  73. I’ve been dying to win this bag! I have Tracy’s book and Metamorphosis – I love them both – but I am definitely in the need of some wellness-revamping now that the crazy summer is winding down. This bag could not be filled with more glorious products — many of which I’ve been meaning to try for a while now. Thanks for the giveaway Tracy and BS!

    p.s. im following both on twitter.

  74. I would like to win because as a Wife and Mother of an AWESOME little dude and a newly certified art teacher me time is scarce and much appreciated no matter how long it lasts πŸ™‚

  75. I believe I deserve to get this bag because after struggling for a few years to get my diabetes under control I have managed to succeed aswell as getting healthier lifestyle changes including exercise (Tracy’s DVD’s and gym workouts) plus I am getting married so this goody bag will also help me to get ready for my big day πŸ™‚

  76. I’ve been working out with TA’s videos for a few years now pre-pregnancy, through pregnancy and post-pregnancy with 2 babies! I’m devoted and my husband and I scrape up enough money for me to continue challenging myself when we need to but it’s hard for us to keep up. It’s so good for my mind and body. I’m a stay-at-home mama and I need these workouts. It’d be awesome to have this wellness bag to help keep me healthy and beautiful for my husband and my two little boys.

  77. Because Tracy is the most gorgeous woman worldwide. And I cannot do nothing but appreciate how geniusly is she managing to transform womens bodies worldwide. Last but not least this item will suit my purpose as well because I’m a huge fan of raw and vegan ingredients, plus all this items are really hard to get at the place I live. Thank you!

  78. Would love to win this bag! So many neat items to pamper myself with. After taking care of 6 children all day every day, I could really use this!

  79. Love Tracys method. Am seeing great results in time for my daughters wedding!! Everyone at work (RN) wants to know how my body is changing so nicely!! (not easy for a 61 year old!!) of course, I rave about Tracy’s method!! Word of mouth is so powerful! I am hooked for life!! Thank you Tracy!!

  80. I would love to win this giveaway bag because I’m a TAM fanatic! I’ve been doing TAM for almost 2 years now and it has completely changed my life. It has taught me how to eat clean and organic to promote good health and beauty. It’s not just my body that has been transformed, my whole life has transformed and I’m much more health conscious now. My husband has even started to drink the power juice and eat some of the great recipes Tracy has provided in her eating plan. I’m incredibly grateful to Tracy and her team for all of their hard work and research. Whether I win the bag or not I hope that Tracy and her team read this message and know how much they mean to me. TAM is my lifestyle I’ll never do a workout if it’s not TAM.
    Lots of love,

  81. Follow you both on twitter! I’m so visual, I have my Tracy DVDs propped up everywhere to motivate, so would love more Tracy goodies! Thanks for the giveaway.

  82. 6 months ago, my sister introduced me to TAM and I haven’t looked back! I’d like to give this bag to her as a thank you and a way to congratulate her on 40 lbs lost on the method. Thanks for creating this because it brought two siblings, 11 years apart, closer and fundamentally happier for living our best lives everyday.

  83. I would love to win the Tracy Anderson Wellness Bag quite simply because as a single mother of 2 boys I simply can’t afford those nice luxuries she provided to the Hamptons Detox week clients. I would be in heaven if I could try some of the products she uses. She really knows her products and what ones provide results. She is inspiring and I love waking up every morning to complete my Metamorophis Continuity. πŸ™‚ Love you!

  84. PLEASE?!?!?! I turn 40 this Saturday! Love and admire Tracy & her method– its changed me inside & out for the better!

  85. Simply because I can’t afford some of the luxuries that Tracy can use on a regular basis. She truly knows first hand what products really work. Being a single mother of two young boys I can barely afford the necessities since they come first. I love what the Tracy Anderson Method has done for my body so far and I will continue with her program for the rest of my life. I love waking up to see her beautiful face on my TV each morning as I complete Metamorphosis Continuity program. I love her πŸ™‚

  86. I would appreciate this package so much!!
    I was doing amazing with Tracey Anderson last year and with graduating university and starting up my career I fell off the wagon! I am just trying to get my motivation back up and into high gear with my tracy workouts and eating healthier!! This package will help me so much and I know I would use and love every product that comes in it!

  87. I have been working out with Tracy for about a year, and I love the method. I lost 20 pounds so far. My body is still changing, and I have little more to lose, but the results are phenomenal! I have trouble with heavy lifting because I had back surgery for scoliosis when I was younger. This workout doesn’t hurt my back like traditional methods of exercise did. These workouts are fun, and I love to dance! I really appreciate and love the method because I’m getting my body I never could have with any other forms of exercise. πŸ™‚

  88. Oh how wonderful. I would love the chance to pamper myself. With 4 children under 5 years old, I don’t get much pampering in. Oh did I mention I homeschool them too. Yep, it is all I can do just to do my Tracy Anderson Workout.

  89. I would LOVE to score a Wellness Bag! There are so many great products! Best part is they are all healthy for me. Great way to jump start my fitness goals in the right direction. Half way through Meta Series. I love it! After a long day at work, I look forward to dancing around in my living room! I hope I win!!!!

  90. Tracy,

    It is solely because of your method that my life has changed forever. I never thought my body could be so great and fit after having 3 children (which includes a set of twins) and two major surgeries (non-related to child birth). Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    My twin girls are 11-years-old and workout to your Beginners Dance Cardio DVD and love it!

  91. I’ve been wanting to try many of these products for a very long time and have heard people rave about them! Also, I was unable to make it to Detox week this year and was dying of envy for all the fabulous girls that got to go!

  92. I’d love to win this bag of goodies, many of which are not available where I live. I’ve heard great things about them from friends who did the Detox week and would love to share tips and reviews online for everyone.

  93. Tracy Anderson Method and Metamorphosis have changed my life. I am stronger, leaner and more confident than ever. I have shared TAM with all of my friends and several family members have started the Method. Thank you Tracy for sharing this gift with us and thank you Beauty Snob for your great advice and sharing the amazing Tracy Wellness Bag! I am so excited for whoever wins it! πŸ™‚

  94. Awesome!! Thank you for another chance to win this amazing bag of products! All of the comments are really great and I wish everyone could win a bag. The reason I would love to win is that it would be neat to try all of these products and find things that really work into my lifestyle and increase my well being. The world is full of products that aren’t good for you and to be able to use products that would not only help my out appearance, but my inner self would be amazing. Thanks!

  95. I would LOVE to win one of these bags from the Retreat because I would have loved to have been there! The reality is that I have a toddler (almost 2) and a newborn and I have fallen into the rut that I always said I wouldn’t, but Mommy comes last and this bag would be a huge pick me up and motivation to take care of myself with all the amazing products featured. As a lover of all things Method, I have been able to work off a lot of the weight already and look forward to working out a system so that everyone in my family has their needs met, even Mommy! Thank you for even offering the bags, it’s so fun to have a chance.

  96. I would like to win because I’ve worked so hard to feel better about my body after constantly struggling with weight going up and down. Tracy helped me finally get where I wanted to be and better from the inside and out! Now I want to keep up the momentum and treat my body the same way I feel about it!

  97. I would like to win this because I am currently pregnant and I would love to use these products to pamper myself πŸ™‚

  98. Tracy Anderson brought me back to life after having 4 kids in 4 years. I feel like she’s a friend because she is in my living room six days a week with me! It would mean so much to get to try the products she loves because I trust her opinion and who doesn’t love cool stuff?! Even if I don’t win, thank you Tracy from the bottom of my heart. My husband thanks you too!!!!!

  99. I’d love to win Tracy’s bag because I can’t afford to go to the detox with Tracy herself! At least I can get a little of that at home.

  100. Because i am a recovered alcoholic trying to hard to fight the demons. But I have learned to be strong and Tracy’s website has tremendesly helped me love me and take care of my beautiful body, spirit and mind.

  101. Tracy! You’ve changed my life for the better from the inside out. Finishing Level 2 of Meta and have lost 16 pounds and inches in all the right spots. Can’t wait to finish the series prior to my wedding in December. You’ve given me the power, confidence, drive and tools to be the most beautiful bride I can be!

  102. Would love to try these products!! Love working out with Tracy for a year and seriously one of the only workouts i can feel I’m able to stick to. Even have shared the success of meta with my friends!!!

  103. Tracy’s Method works for me. It has been a difficult journey to stay committed and consistent, but when I do I feel amazing! I value referrals to new products and would love to try her favorites!

  104. I’d love a wellness bag because I’m a vegan who just graduated college with 30 extra pounds! I can’t afford your detox week so I’d LOVE some help from home! I actually just started Meta Ab yesterday, and a wellness bag would be the perfect supplement πŸ™‚ Love you, Tracy!

  105. I love this bag! I tried to win last time but wasn’t the lucky winner. I also love Tracy’s workout. I have everything. My fav thing to do is jump around on the trampoline πŸ™‚

  106. Tracy has been such an inspiration to this TEXAS girl, where eating right and staying fit gets you looks of disgust. Everything is BIGGER down here AND not necessarily BETTER. I don’t have access to all the amazing products in the goodie bag. I have instilled a gluten-free lifestyle into my family(which includes 2 young boys) and everything Tracy has recommended has been AMAZING. I believe she truly knows what’s best for a woman and I would love to reap the rewards of her great taste and research in products. I couldn’t get away from my babies to go to the Hamptons, but I have seen the results of her fitness DVD’s and book. I’m a fan of vegan and raw foods and practice my culinary skills often…

  107. I love and adore Tracy!! I have been creating the body of my dreams since this past June and while the road hasn’t always been easy, Tracy makes it FUN and worth it!!!

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  109. Dear Tracy and Beauty Snob, First thank you Tracy for transforming my body over the past two years. You and your method have brought me to tears many times. You are like an extra person in my family and you were truly an answer to many prayers that I sent up to God for help. As a person who loathes gyms and who was never truly motivated, I knew something had to be done. I had three children and enough cellulite to make me want to run when my husband saw me naked. Thankfully now I have very little cellulite and like to give my husband little ‘shows’. He has expressed his thankfulness to you and your method on more than one occasion. I have a newfound love of exercise and health and I feel strong and invigorated. I know all the women who post on here are deserving of this awesome gift, but I would really love to have it. I have been faithful to the method for two years and I am also a hard core evangelist of it as well. I have shared it with probably 50 women or more and have led many groups in doing your method. I also have a couple of friends and we do your method together 5 to 6 times a week. My children know who you are and probably all my friends too, b/c what I love I share. That would be the same with these products. I will use them and share their greatness with others. Although I am not lacking for anything, I don’t have a budget that allows me to treat myself to things of this sort. I also now wear tank tops b/c I am very proud of my arms. I used to only wear long sleeves in the summer b/c I was embarrassed of the fat and flabbiness that was there. Now people tell me what great arms I have and I say it’s Tracy Anderson. You are also super motivational to me and whenever I feel unmotivated I simply watch a clip of you or a workout and I am good to go again. I also admire you for having more kiddos even though that could mean getting stretch marks or something like that. You are brave and a genius and you really think of women holistically trying to meet their needs at every stage of their lives. Brilliant. You always surprise me and make me smile and I love when you smile. I could go on and on! Love to you Tracy and Much Gratitude! Bridgette Ralph

  110. I have never won anything this amazing. Tracy Anderson you have completley changed not only my body but my life. I would love the opportunity to try some amazing products that you also recommend. Thanks

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    because I love beauty products and because I am going through a really bad time in my life and I am hoping that even though its small, it will make me feel a little better. Thank You.

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    2. I’d like to win because I’d love to try all these products! They sound great. πŸ™‚

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    Would love to win to see what exactly it is that Tracy loves and see if I would as well.
    It would be amazing to actually be able to attend one of her Detox weeks in the Hamptons, until then, this win would be the next best thing!!

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  118. This has been one of the hardest years of the 22 years I have been alive. I became ill Fall 2011 and received a bone marrow transplant for severe aplastic anemia December 22, 2011. I am at home recovering and this would be the perfect bag to inspire me to get back into my healthy and active lifestyle Tracy inspires me to have!! Thank you!!

  119. I have forever been a fan of Tracy Anderson’s. I have Tracy’s original DVDS, and call those my “Throwback Tracy Workouts”… I just simply love her and the way she has transformed my body. I would be so appreciative to win these amazing goodies! I’ll keep my fingers crossed and pray I do πŸ™‚

  120. after two babies one after the other, i am so thankful for tracy’s method which has helped me get back into shape and gain confidence, discipline and hope. it is a dream to meet tracy, and thank her in person. was unable to make it to her detox weeks, and would love to try these products and share them with others as well.

  121. what an amazing giveaway! everything looks awesome but i’m really impressed by the mott 50 line – i’m incredibly fair and burn after just a few minutes in the sun, so having built-in sun protection in clothing would be amazing. i work outside as a dog walker and need all the help i can get!

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