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Valentino Noir Capsule Collection: Tender is Their Night

Nobody embraces and redefines the spirit of juxtaposition quite like Valentino. Now, with a shockingly restrained, narrow palette – you guessed it: black is the word – they have breathed even more life into their love of aesthetic dissonance. The studded bracelets from Valentino’s Noir capsule collection are polished and sophisticated, as only made possible in the hands of Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo. (Have I mentioned I am obsessed with the duo?!)

You know you have struck gold (or in this case, black) when you come up with a design that is not only coveted by the ladies who lunch but by their college-age kids, too. Valentino scores extra points for ensuring these oddly versatile pieces (how often can you say that about studs and leather straps?) will look different – and equally divine – on any generation. I love wearing studs with really feminine pieces, like a lacy Valentino blouse. From thin and layer-loving to hearty and thick, these bracelets make for one night that will last you a lifetime.

The collection will be available at Valentino boutiques. See Valentino for store locations. Prices of the entire collection (also including bags and shoes) range from $195-$17,000. Valentino is also available at Saks Fifth Avenue.



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