Victoria Beckham Suede Tote: Blue Suede Shoe-In


Who knew blue was such a good color on Victoria Beckham? I hadn’t really thought of it until now, but her rendition soft dove-blue (I also see hints of French and periwinkle in there) suede is to die. Especially after looking at it from a side angle. The reason I appreciate this hue so much: there’s not too much of it. Black leather handles and, equally importantly, gussets ensure you don’t max out on a good thing. We all know Posh has a habit of showing restraint when it comes to smiling for photos (I kind of love her for that stone-cold bitch look!). Luckily, she’s shown the same amount of control when it comes to designing her bags. The final edit of this ultra-roomy, rectangular tote, a firm blend of business and pleasure: perfectly concise. Victoria has come a long way from her “Wannabe” days, even if she just proved the Girls still have a certain strange magic at the Olympics’ Closing Ceremony. On My Theresaicon for $3,032.

Pair with: Introduce cheeky edge with Alexander McQueen’s heart-studded ankle boots ($1,885) for conflict that works.


5 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham Suede Tote: Blue Suede Shoe-In

  1. That bag is amazing! it seems simple yet it opens up so many styling options

  2. OMG were in love with this bag ! ♥.♥
    can u check our blog out ? pliz

  3. I’ll never be able to afford it, but this is the Greatest. Shade. of. Blue. Ever.

  4. Very chic tote, but the price is ridiculous!

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