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Vlieger&Vandam Guardian Angel Embossed Leather Clutches: Gun Control

I’m sorry, but how is this cool? Promoting violence?! I don’t care if Vlieger&Vandam‘s pistol and blade are tongue-in-cheek, these clutches are all kinds of wrong. I live in Texas and have a few close girlfriends who not only have gun licenses, but actually carry them in their bags and cars! As much as I love my friends, I just can’t get on board with this. I think guns should be banned, period. As it is, I have nightmares of school shootings! (And what about that lunatic shooting his former boss in NYC last Friday? Why is it so easy to get guns here?!)

Over the summer, my seven-year-old grabbed a large, sharp kitchen knife cuz he thought it would be funny to pretend he’s a pirate and chase his cousin with it. He was grounded immediately; he had to write, “I will never play with knives again” 100 times, plus no TV, iPad, Wii, or any other electronic games for a week. And here is the clincher to ensure he will remember to never play with knives again: no new Wii, iPad, or DSi games until 2013. This may seem harsh, but I am trying to instill certain values in my son, one of them being: DO NOT PLAY WITH GUNS OR KNIVES. When it comes weapons in your bag, real or fake, just say no! On Luisa Via Roma for $270 each.



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  1. It’s kind of funny that you had a stand there with this fashion statement and explaining personal opinion and all that then suddenly at the end “On Luisa Via Roma for $270 each.” haha it’s just so contrary to each other

  2. This is an old case of Europe vs The States because yes the culture, especially gun culture are total opposites! We don’t need guns to feel safe over here so yeah, having it on a bag is not going to make half the population freak out! A good thing? Absolutely! European designers with enough detachment who don’t want or need to be politically correct, I love it! It is how it is and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! Do I own one, you bet!!

  3. This has nothing to do with Europe vs. The States, it’s just one person being squeamish. Guns and knives are tools, just like drills and hammers. Like any tool, they are not for children, but for responsible adults.

    I wouldn’t carry either of these bags, simply because I have no use for clutches. But I do think they are interesting.