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Living Proof Primer Style Extender

I don’t use many hair products aside from an oil on towel dried hair, heat protecting spray, shine spray, and occasionally a leave-in and anti-frizz, but because I’m such a huge Living Proof fan I was nonetheless interested in learning about Living Proof Prime Style Extender ($20), so I stopped by the launch event a few weeks ago. It’s designed to work the same way that a primer for your face is meaning that while it works to nourish and somewhat control frizz, the real goal is not to smooth, but to extent your style whatever it may be. It works on any hair type and for any style you’re looking to create. Because I don’t use many hair products, I didn’t think I would need this, but wow was I surprised. It’s been super humid lately so I gave it a whirl before applying some anti-frizz and it actually did help keep my hair smoother for way longer than usual…honestly, even knowing how great Living Proof is, I was shocked! The product works best when applied to wet hair for spread-ability purposes. This is def worth the investment for anyone that is sick of touch-ups!


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  1. Bought this last week, and used it twice. I am a big Living Proof fan, I always use the shampoo, conditioner and styling foam, so I was very excited for this style extender. Sadly though I hate it. It made my hair look dry, and instead of extending my style it just made it lose its shape even faster than normal! this is the first living proof product that I don’t like.