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Beauty Addicts’ Show-Off Mascara: Quick and Dirty

I thought I’d found the perfect mascara when I first applied Beauty Addicts‘ ShowOff. It thickened, it lengthened, it darkened. It even has Argan Oil for conditioning. It pretty much did everything except my laundry. Each day, I would apply several layers before leaving the house; the stuff never clumped and I could re-apply several hours later without my lashes getting dry or crunchy. I couldn’t wait to blog about it and share with my girlfriends! Although, now I’m glad I did.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. What had the makings of a long-term relationship turned out to be an explosive fling. On the fifth or sixth day, I pulled out my magic mascara wand and it literally exploded. A gloppy, black mess all over the place. The mascara was beyond salvaging; I had to throw it away after less than a week. I have no idea if I got a bad batch, but no way do I want to risk repeating the experience on my white shirt again! Have you used this mascara? Did it last you more than a week? At Beauty Addicts for $20.



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  1. I sell this mascara and LOVE it! The problem has been fixed…new tubes now have a smaller opening and this shouldn’t happen again. Give it another go 🙂