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Boon Loop Diaper Caddy: The Cool Caddy

I love Boon for their innovative organization infused with modern aesthetics that fit the modern family. This caddy literally is out of the box, who says containers need to be rectangular? The loop is more about the empty space rather than conforming your space – it also takes up less room on your counter while allowing for maximum storage. This fits 24 diapers (or more of newborn sizes), the tray has just enough room for diaper cream, aspirator, Q-tips, etc. (you can also remove the tray). There is also a handy handle to move it to where baby wants to be changed (which isn’t always the changing table, right?). There isn’t a designated spot for the wipes but I actually like that, everyone has their giant tub of wipes, some like the warmer, others like reusable containers vs disposable ones, so this allows for all options.

The best part is – after diapers, you can keep this in the bathroom for rolled up hand towels. I have a pile of small hand towels in the bathroom for cleaning faces, wiping drippy toothpaste while brushing, and all the other messes that are too many to list. I love products that can multitask as well as me! At Amazon for $40.37.



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