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Chloe Alice Tote: Fit for Wonderland

Chloe might actually comeback with an “it” status with the new Alice. Basically the Paddington revamped (nothing wrong with that, I say!), the satchel shape has just the right amount of details – great hardware that clamps on to the handles, a trim that frames the entire bag and a super cool way to incorporate an exterior pocket. This isn’t anything you will flip out over but that’s just the point, this is a basic that will go the distance with a look that will grow more lovable with each day. Color blocking is so over, but I am somehow ok with this version. If you are totally done with color blocking the all black is one that you will never tire of. At Neiman Marcus, small tote for $1995 and larger also $1995.

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3 thoughts on “Chloe Alice Tote: Fit for Wonderland

  1. Eeep…It looks dated to me. Not that much of a fan but I guess if you want a classic looking piece, then classic you’ll get.

  2. Sandra Rowley on said:

    I like it but I don’t love it, which means I will not purchase it. Maybe it looks better IRL….sometimes that is the case.

  3. like the two leather studs , like a little two eyes, I think It more like a travel bag

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