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Clarisonic Aria

There is no beauty gadget that I value more than my Clarisonic. Actually there’s no beauty product period that I value more than my Clarisonic! It’s the one thing that I can say has truly, truly, truly changed the texture of my skin making it noticeably softer and more even, not to mention it’s key in preventing breakouts. I’ve been using the original one daily/twice daily for years now so when I got word that Clarisonic was launching a new device I couldn’t wait to try it. Called the Aria ($199) it has 3 speeds (versus two), an illuminated bezel which indicates speed selection (this is super helpful because the original I always found to be confusing when picking the setting), an adjustable T-timer that helps guide you through a one or two minute cleansing cycle (two minute cleansing cycle is also new), and a real-time battery life indicator that communicates how much charge is left with white, amber and red lights that illuminate at the beginning of each cleansing cycle (love this! There have been too many times with my old Clarisonic where I go to wash my face at the gym only to find out it’s dead). It also has a USB-enabled universal voltage charger making it perfect for travel.

I sound like such an infomercial when I talk about the Clarisonic with people because that’s how amazing I think the product is…do yourself a favor, get it! I have yet to hear of someone who regrets the purchase. Plus this new version is just $4 more than the original…


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  1. I like your honest review about clarisonic new product. I kknow this is a one of the most important part for women to care their skins. You are right that this is $4 higher than the orignal one but at this time I recommend to use clarisonic coupon to get save on your order for Clarisonic Aria. 🙂