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Diane von Furstenberg NYFW Spring 2013 Collection: A Life Less Ordinary

Bucking the leather trend for the season, Diane von Furstenberg instead presents a woman with the ultimate fairy tale. Her program notes read, “Some fairy tales end with the girl marrying the prince… some start there.” Yes, Diane’s trademark bohemian spirit was in full effect, as vivacity abounds in her Spring ’13 collection. She challenges us to answer the question, “Why can’t we have it all?” In Diane’s world, you can be equally sophisticated and rebellious, take on the world and enjoy a carefree life, and she has presented us with the wardrobe to do so.

Lively prints, billowing and knotted to perfection, ran wild, while pearl accents to infinity and beyond dripped with exoticism. A plethora of bold, sun-drenched colors, bringing new life to sleek mini dresses and free and easy caftans; embellished chiffon tops with nonchalant folds and slits; flamboyantly cut crepe pants, billowing at the top and tapering gradually at the ankle; silk jumpsuits and enough sequins to get any party started: this is a wardrobe for the woman who has explored the East, feels at home in Morocco, and has conquered the West. She’s a power player, but she doesn’t need to wear structured suits to prove it. The inner Diane is more interested in the business of pleasure. That message was cemented by the shoes: sky-high platforms measuring a shocking 10” in height (I’ll need those when I interview my favorite supermodels!). A collection like this reminds us why Furstenberg changed our lives decades ago with the wrap dress: she knows what we want to wear, and gives us plenty of colorful choices for wandering through our storied lives.



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