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DKNY NYFW Spring 2013 Collection: Springtime, and the Living’s Easy

Before the DKNY show began, we were treated to Karlie’s (yup, as in Kloss) Kookies before the show. How sweet since we rushed straight from Derek Lam and didn’t have time to eat lunch (we never seem to eat lunch during FW!). After indulging in a little sweetness, the fantastic pace, energy, and music set the mood for DKNY the way it is meant to be. Well, that and the giant New York City-scene backdrop ingeniously placed right outside the open, floor-to-ceiling doors. Spring ’13 is all about street-smart styles that celebrate city living, with some beach-weather getaway pieces tossed in for good measure, of course. Crisp white layers of menswear and girlish dresses feel impossibly fresh, yet somehow even crisper against easy, breezy, washed denim. Add some sneakers and a baseball cap or visor (courtesy of Gypsy Sport) to the mix, and your chaotic urban lifestyle just got a thoroughly relaxed. Bursts of metallic silver (via windbreakers) speak of futuristic-meets-eighties revival, but it’s the more subdued leathers I really love, especially the swingy skirt with leather paneling in black-on-neutral. It’s all brightened up with that flash of yellow Donna calls “taxi” – brilliant! In the form of an oversized coated-cotton anorak, you’ll be protected from April showers and have your sunshine, too.

There are so many pieces I want from this collection, watching the show was like personal shopping for me! The dresses, tailor-perfect; the skirts, with mesh panels and flared skirts, so wearable; the flexible fabrics, like nylon, cotton, and neoprene, made to move; and the entire vibe, chic and modern. If the sexy-athlete look isn’t your bag, no matter. There are loads of great separates to work with, like black pants of cotton and leather that would be simply amazing with T-shirt (if that bra top isn’t in your cards!). Perhaps Donna’s most quintessential piece sums it up best: her latest bodysuit doubles as a swimsuit, and looks equally great as either, informing us this is a collection to be dressed up, down, and all around.



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