Frugal Snob: Cleanlogic Soap + Sponge

Possibly the coolest product I’ve come across this year thus far, Cleanlogic Soap + Sponge ($4.49) is literally a bar of soap with a sponge inside. It sounded so weird when I read the box…all I could think was a soap with a sponge inside…what the hell!???? But it’s awesome! It not only cleans and refreshes your skin, but it works double duty to exfoliate. It’s a super convenient two-in-one find that comes in three different scents and it’s also supposed to moisturize. That said, I didn’t feel like it particularly hydrated my skin, but it didn’t leave it dry. This is one of those products I used and thought to myself “how did I live without it?” – kind of like when I first started using razors with built-in shaving cream. It eliminates the need for a loofa and separate body exfoliator and has really helped streamline my showering experience, especially when I’m in a rush.

One thought on “Frugal Snob: Cleanlogic Soap + Sponge

  1. Have you ever tried Lifebouy soap. Totally old school, but a classic clean smell- apparently that of Marilyn Monroe! Another frugal try :)


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