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Furla Equestre Colorblock Shopper: In With the In-Crowd

Hey there, Furla! I almost didn’t recognize you. The Equestre shopper has way more personality than your average Furla, though you wouldn’t know it by the price. There’s a mix between Reed Krakoff and Céline going on. Their value is always solid, and this isn’t a direct knockoff. I feel the Boxer and Luggage vibes coming through, but it’s not a copycat; this look and feel is done by everyone at this point, so it’s totally fine. I’ll admit the color-blocking is a bit stale, but it might be time to accept that you can’t call it a trend when it sticks around for good. More importantly, Furla’s khaki-esque color-choices here are neutral, not overt. Then discover a silver interior for even more fun and excitement. No question about it: this is a great, functional tote for under a thousand bucks that revolves around the work day while still showing off your sense of style. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $795.

2 thoughts on “Furla Equestre Colorblock Shopper: In With the In-Crowd

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