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Halloween Crafts: Scary Simple

I am not crafty and I do not like to spend all day long on one craft, but they are fun, and it always makes for a great way to spend time with my tots. For the not-so-crafty mom, here is a selection of truly easy crafts that don’t require specialized tools and materials, just in time to start decorating for Halloween.

1. Bat Mobile: All you need for this one is some black paper that your probably have at home (or on Amazon for $5.55), a branch, and some thread!

-Trace our bat templates onto black card stock.
-Cut them out and fold them according to template instructions.
-Make a small hole in the center of each bat with a tack.
-Poke a piece of thread through each hole, and knot it.
-Tie the bats to a found branch (painting it black is optional).
-Hang the branch from two pieces of thread secured to the top of the window with flat thumbtacks.

Via Martha Stewart.

2. Finger Pens: This one just requires some Model Magic (on Amazon for $7.99) and fake black fingernails (on Amazon for $1.95).

-Pinch off a piece of Model Magic that’s slightly smaller than a golf ball.
-Working on a clean surface, use your hands to roll and flatten the claylike material into a strip approximately 1″W x 5″L.
-Wrap it around a ballpoint pen, leaving the nib exposed.
-Roll the wrapped pen on your work surface to smooth, then use your hands and a toothpick to shape knuckles and wrinkles.
-Finish by inserting a fake black fingernail into the clay over the nib, ensuring that the nib extends far enough to allow for writing.
-Let dry for one day before using.

Via Country Living.

3. Ghosts: Some good, old-fashioned cheesecloth (on Amazon for $5.10) and fabric stiffener (on Amazon for $8.10) and you’re good to go!

-Set up your workstation: Stack one small paper cup atop another that’s turned upside down and tape them together. Inflate a small balloon and rest it in the top cup. Cut cheesecloth into pieces that measure about eight inches square and fill a bowl with fabric stiffener.
-Soak a piece of cheesecloth in fabric stiffener and immediately drape it over the balloon.
-Let dry for 10 minutes.
-Pop the balloon with a pin to reveal a hardened shape.
-Cut two tiny circles out of black felt for eyes and affix them to the ghost with tacky glue.
-Remove the ghost from cup and use your fingers to rough up the ends.
-Thread fishing line through the top of each ghost, securing with a knot to hang.

Via Country Living.

4. Graveyard Dip: This delicious dip is a win-win: fun for tots to make and fun for grownups to eat!
Here’s what you need:
1/2 cup fresh spinach
10 ounces hummus
Vegetables (we used broccoli and celery)
Hard-boiled eggs
Black olives
Edible marker
Carrot sticks

-In a food processor, puree the spinach and hummus.
-To make the boiled-egg ghosts, cut slits and insert black-olive facial features
-Use an edible marker to turn crackers into tombstones.
-Mound the dip on a tray and top it with veggie trees, a pretzel fence, boiled-egg ghosts, and cracker tombstones.




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