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Holmes & Yang x Valextra Spring 2013 Collection: A Match Made In Heaven

Sometimes collaborations evolve into a true marriage. So goes the romance between luxe Italian brand Valextra and effortless American duo Holmes & Yang. And while they might not have sworn vows of “till death do us part,” I have a feeling this is an everlasting partnership. And like all successful marriages, it helps to share mutual interests. Holmes & Yang x Valextra have all the right things in common for a great bag relationship: high-end taste, dedication to quality and craftsmanship, and an acutely observant eye for the value of understated sophistication. Holmes & Yang’s impeccably edited Spring ’13 collection of quilted leather bomber jackets, gorgeously beaded tuxedo pants, and wear-all-the-time camisoles, along with Valextra’s similarly clean, skin-oriented aesthetic is a win-win. Just two bags are all it takes to define a collection: a fold-over clutch of vegetal leather and a chocolatey top-handle tote of contrasting textures, vegetal and suede. No fuss, no desperate opulence, and no insubstantial flash necessary when the foundation is this solid and the match this perfect.

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