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Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream and Eye Cream: Dream Team


You guys know me: I’m super-snobby about what I put on my face. However, I always maintain that high price is not always indicative of great quality (most times, you’re just shelling out for expensive models and ad campaigns). Kiehl’s has been my go-to for basics since college, especially during season transitional months. Their Ultra-Facial moisturizericon is the single product I have consistently been using since 1991! I mixed it with my foundation back in college before tinted moisturizers and BB creams were widely available (who knew I was on to something?!), and it still never fails to me an incredible glow.

The latest from the brand: Rosa Arctica Lightweight creamicon ($60) is a super-duper moisturizer, yet it’s ultra-lightweight. This is so perfect for steamy Texas weather (it was 100º on the first day of fall!) but also for anyone with normal-to-oily skin. Accompanying the cream: the Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Eye creamicon ($46), a balm that contains mineral brighteners and blesses you with instant hydration (I like using it on my lips, too!). Both are infused with a rare resurrection flower, which stimulates collagen – always a good thing! If you love Kiehl’s, the Rosa Arctica duo is an instant must to add to your arsenal of beauty products. Available at Kiehl’sicon.

3 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream and Eye Cream: Dream Team”

  1. Hi
    I notice you no longer review any of the skinceuticals’s products anymore? Any reason? I have been using natura bisse and fresh products after I read your reviews. I’m thinking to try the skinceuticals’s c e ferulic and B5 gel! I’m a skin are junkie too… ^^

    1. Hi Sandy
      I stopped using the Skinceuticals products but think the C E Ferulic is great. I prefer Intraceuticals C serum!

      1. Thank you! How about natura bisse? Do u still use them? I know they used to be your favorite. I have seen much about them from beauty snob anymore. I have been buying some of their products myself.

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