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Kylie Minogue Wears Gucci: When In London…

Do as the Londoners do! Okay, maybe that’s not the exact expression, but Kylie Minogue was definitely showing some patriotism as she arrived at her London rehearsal studio on September 6th. The Australian transplant made the logo-laden duffle bag look appropriately free and easy with her baggy khaki-and-denim mix (happily enhanced by a pair of stiletto sandals).

But this isn’t just any double-G-covered Gucci. Not only does it flash the flag, 25% of the retail price is donated to UNICEF in support of the Schools for Africa and Schools for Asia education initiatives, until December 31st . While Kylie is likely to have had her Union Jack specially made, you can show your international love, too. The limited-edition bags are available in the Americanicon and Italianicon flag motifs at Gucci for $1,090. Or pick up a mini Italyicon version for $890.


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