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La Prairie Cellular Power Serum: More Power to You


I love the idea of serum that energizes your skin, fights against every sign of aging, and reverses damage (because sometimes it’s already done). And I love a serum that actually does it even more! La Prairie’s Cellular Power Serum, out of their potent Power Collection, is one of those magic potions that feels amazing the moment it glides onto your skin – and then you actually feel a difference.

Describing it as a “triple threat against aging, ensuring synergistic energy, protection and defense,” La Prairie has developed what they call their Defense-Fortifying Complex. With crazy-sounding stuff like giant knotweed, blue microalgae and heart-leaf globe daisy, it brings the suppleness back to your skin and helps diminish wrinkles. Next comes Cellular Power Complex (think ingredients like Swiss snow algae and tissue guidance matrix) is meant to fuel the natural repairing process. Finally, the Cellular Complex (ginseng root extract and yes, horsetail extract) rejuvenates your own antioxidant network while moisturizing.

That all sounds good and complicated, but actions speak louder than words. But I loved La Prairie’s Cellular Treatment eye shadow when I tried it over a year ago, and now I’m finding this (high-priced) serum also, indeed, walks the walk. At Neiman Marcusicon for $475.



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