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Oscar de la Renta Jeweled Headbands: Princess Charming

Like every other little girl on the planet, I was obsessed with tiaras. Unlike every other little girl, I never grew out of the preoccupation. As a result, I’m known to wear tiaras out to dinner, cocktails and once, on a flight to Asia, much to the chagrin of my son, hubby, brothers, and cousins (well, actually anyone and everyone who has to be seen in public with me).

Oscar de la Renta‘s jeweled headband will satiate my need to sparkle, without unnerving my loved ones. Sure, it has faceted stones that refuse to be ignored, but it’s undeniably a headband, not a crown. And thanks to brassy gold metal, it’s got just the right amount of flash. But if you’re like me when it comes to twinkle, the more the merrier. Take a tip from a girl who’s proud of her princess complex: stack two or three atop your head at once (just make sure the bands are artfully arranged), and you’ll rule any party. At Oscar de la Renta for $395 each.



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