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Qtica Solid Gold Anti-Bacterial Oil Gel and Overnight Intense Foot Repair Balm: Fashion Week, Beauty Strength

Now that NYFW has descended upon us, there’s hardly a spare second to sleep more than a few hours and eat a well-rounded meal, let alone deal with my fingernails and aching feet. Of course, I’m already off to a running start with a gel manicure and pedicure. But it’s only a matter of days before my nails lose their gloss and my dogs start to bark, hardcore. That’s where Qtica enters the picture. I’ll be keeping a tube of their Solid Gold Anti-Bacterial Oil Gel ($11.99) in each of my bags (no time for switching out!). Not only does it purify your fingertips, it makes cuticles disappear at once and brings the shine back to your manicure. Best of all, it’s un-greasy and not at all oily. Then before I fall into bed, I’ll remember to rub their Overnight Intense Foot Repair Balm ($11) all over my abused heels. With a honey and vitamin base, it does a genius job of healing the most distressed of feet and provides a natural protective coating, so they’re less likely to get irritated. Which will be helpful in the morning when it’s back into those McQueen heels!



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