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Queen Helene Batherapy: Bring the Hot Springs Home

Queen Helene Batherapy Mineral Salts

While in Taiwan over each summer, even in deathly humid heat, one of my favorite things to do is go to the sulfur hot springs. I truly believe in the health benefits, but even without them, time in a hot spring is good for the soul and purifying for the mind just because it is so relaxing. It is very good for the skin and hair. You can see drastic differences in texture and luminosity from just a day in the spa (my go-to place is the Landis Resort).

I’ve been missing those baths and especially now that the heat has subsided, my bath ritual has returned. Aiming for something close to that sulfur-spring experience, I have discovered this Queen Helene’s Batherapy natural mineral bath. It has sulfur as an ingredient but isn’t quite as stinky (I personally love the smell, while most compare it to rotten eggs). This is a total relaxation kind of bath, as it relieves sore muscles. Even if you don’t work out, it is nice to relax the muscles from the day’s general fatigue. After a long day, this completely changes my mood and rejuvenates the body and the spirit.

On Amazon for $6.91 for the small jar.



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